Feeling a Little Blue – Our makeover summer 2015


Feeling a Little Blue – Our makeover summer 2015

It was a hot June day and Rhiannon and I had a few spare minutes to discuss what we could do to makeover our beautiful boutique. Our lovely customers told us on a daily basis how spacious and beautiful it was, but we had seen it day in day out for the last 4 years and a change was needed, but what to do?

Visit a wallpaper shop, spend at least 5 hrs trawling through books, argue over pattern repeats. Choose a couple of options. Take the samples into the boutique, hate them. Argue a little bit more, fall in love with the most beautiful wallpaper, but discount it due to it costing £350 a roll! Go back to the first one you found, love it all over again and order it! We definitely found it easier to choose our own wedding dresses than to find a wallpaper lol!

We found a week which wasn’t booked with appointments and decided it was now or never, close that week and do everything at once. This was a great plan but because it was only 2 weeks away there was no hope in getting a contractor in to do it for us, so we did the age old tradition of batting our eyes and asking dad! He can’t resist the two of us, he knows after years of being the only male in the house, its just easier to agree.


So the weeks went by, we got everything ready, paint, wallpaper, papering table, dust sheets and the most important, unflattering painting overalls ready and then it was time! We emptied the front half of the shop into the back and it was time. GOODBYE PINK…HELLO BLUE!


It was a VERY busy 6 days to get it all done but after we had finished the makeover, we couldn’t have been more proud. Our boutique is even more beautiful, and we did it all ourselves. A little bit of hard work has never phased Rhiannon and I, and this time it was definitely worth it 😊

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