New Website Conception & Creation


New Website Conception & Creation

Courtyard Bridal Boutique is 13yrs old this year and over the years we have grown and developed into who we are today. We have learnt over the years that change, although is scary is also very good. Rhiannon and I have owned the business ourselves now for 3 years and we decided it was time to come out of the Mother/Daughter hybrid look that we have had for the last 4 years and become our own entity.

Our website was developed 5 years ago and was at the top of its game, but over the years it slowly has become a little ‘twee’ and almost dated. We had de-cluttered the boutique over the last year, removed all the very ‘vintage’ tea cups and it was time for our website to reflect this. But where do you start?? I am a trained in Biomedical science and Rhiannon in Customer Service, none of which helps in website development!

Luckily enough we were chatting to one of our beautiful brides who happened to work in the digital world and have lots of ‘Techy friends’ she, very kindly put us in touch with Andy from JBH marketing. Thank goodness she did, we met with Andy who straight away picked up the vibe of what we were after and also understood our quirky little ways and wanted to show this in our website. Together we knew we needed to strip the website back and be fully image lead with ease of technical sharing.

Together we looked at Designers websites, fashion websites and thought we needed some personal photographs which weren’t so generic. The only way to get this was to do our very own photo shoot.

So we had to find:

  • Very talented ‘slightly quirky’ photographer
  • Beautiful Model
  • Stunning Venue
  • The Perfect Gowns

We got in touch with Jonathan Macauley, an amazing photographer who is generally found photographing girls to look like tarantulas or on the burlesque scene! He knew a perfect model, Amber Tutton and we got in contact with the award winning Hothorpe Hall as their venue is stunning both inside and out, giving us options in case the great British weather was out in full force on ‘shoot’ day.

The big day arrived, time to start our very exciting journey, being part of a professional shoot was truly inspiring, watching weeks of preparation fall into place, Jonathan and Amber worked in true harmony and gorgeous images were captured one after another. We couldn’t have ordered better weather for the day, Rhiannon and I even learnt how to “bounce” the light and we were both rather good at it! It was great that Andy and Adam from JBH came along to the shoot to see first hand the styling and vibe we were trying to achieve, so they could reflect this in the development of our new site.

So sit back, relax and take a look at the video of our shoot.

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