What to expect at your first appointment


What to expect at your first appointment

Congratulations on your engagement…you are now a BRIDE to be. This is unknown territory for many of you and it can be a scary and daunting place with so many choices and decisions to make. Here at Courtyard Bridal Boutique we try to make your journey in finding your dream gown as fun and stress free as possible – The moment you say yes to YOUR dress is a moment you will remember and cherish forever and we are privileged to be a part of that.

So what happens in your first bridal appointment at Courtyard Bridal Boutique?

Walking up meeting lane, you will see our beautiful three storey red brick building, our classic grey and white sign, and the window displaying the first of many amazing gowns housed inside. Our large oak door hides us away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Ring the bell…. and start your journey.

You will be warmly welcomed by one of our team, usually Rhiannon or myself. We will lead you down the corridor into the surprisingly large and luxurious waiting room and then up the stairs to our amazing showroom, glorious dresses tempt you, all just waiting to be tried.

We want to hear all the plans you have made for your special day, when it is, which amazing venue have you chosen, what your partner is thinking of wearing, even the sort of table centres you are having. This helps us get YOUR vision for your day and we will be able to help guide you through the wide choices available on the racks to find the most amazing gown to complete it. Next we leave you with a thirst quencher whilst you and your guests peruse the rails…. will you be drawn to a dramatic ballgown like 8924, a romantic soft billowing skirt like 8852 or a stunning 20’s inspired beauty like 9854.

You’ll be taken through to one of our private suites, just for you and your family and friends or you might be brave enough to step out on our very own runway  in our fabulous catwalk room! We will help you into the gowns so there is no need to worry about the sizes of the samples and provide you with shoes. We listen to all you say about the gowns you try, what you like and dislike and mentally we take it all in, think of our stock and find you a WILD CARD (or 3), will it be the one?? Finally when your in your dream gown we add all those finishing touches of belts, headpieces,veils and wraps – everything you could desire.

Then the only thing left to do is to decide whether or not to say YES.

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